The best ideas don't always win

The best ideas don't always win. In fact some of the best ideas never get off the drawing board. Why? Because they usually need (financial) support and can't get it. Did you know that the game Scrabble was REJECTED by every game manufacturer when it was offered to them. It was nearly lost forever, and took an enthusiastic entrepeneur to step in and save the idea (and make a fortune in the process selling 100 Million sets!).

Your ideas need supporters. This is true well whether you're an executive in a global corporation or an inventor in your garden shed. Everyone needs support. And the fact is that unless you are good at evangelising your idea you will never get it to fly.

My advice, if you are struggling for support. Don't assume that you have a bad idea (not at first anyway). Have faith in yourself. Remind yourself few innovators were lucky enough to have their ideas immediately accepted. AND THEN take a long hard look at how you are expressing your ideas.

  • Can you tell the story so that it can be followed by anyone?
  • Are you telling people why it matters to them, what good it will bring?
  • Can you distill you idea into a single sentence which everyone will recall?

If you can do this, then you will multiply the support you'll gain.

Over the years we have advised innovators and executives from organisations big and small on how to do this. We've taken complex briefs for very complex products and services and turned them into succinct business plans that invite support. We've helped campaigners hone their message and target their activities to amplify their results.

No its not an even playing field. And no the best ideas don't win. Even great ideas need to be sold well

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