An opensource Account Planning tool linked to Hubspot

This is the 4th post on this topic and hopefully you've read the previous posts Can you add Major Account Planning to HubSpot CRM? and To create Major Account Planning in Hubspot and A Major Account Planning tool linked to Hubspot. If you have read these you'll know that my objective is to create Major Account Planning, or Key Account Planning in Hubspot. It's not there and these are my various ideas that I tried until I was able to bring this to life.  

Is there an OpenSource solution Major Account Planning tool that can be linked to Hubspot?
Next I turned to opensource software. I have extensive knowledge of working with opensource software, its generally free but you have to rely on the community to help you if it goes wrong.  If you are unfamiliar with  opensource and are worried about using opensource please consider that this website is created on opensource software. In fact most websites are built on opensource. In fact most of the web runs on it, as do most mobile phones and tablets, and all of the worlds largest high performance computers run on open source software - who'd have thought it! 

I look at lots of opensource projects, and there are many that look like they might have an answer. But they were often little more than experiments, nothing close to a working and complete system; and the Hubspot integration was a problem again. Despite popularity of Hubspot CRM it really isn't supported by these kind of projects. This was another dead end.... or was it?

Is there an OpenSource solution which connects to Hubspot CRM?
I realised that what I needed was way to build a solution which could interrogate and interact with the Hubspot data. I did not want that data rekeyed, onto a separate system, it needed to be joined at the hip. So I began to look for an opensource project that could use the Hubspot API.

For those unfamiliar with the world of open API's and their power let me explain. As you use Hubspot its accessing the databases which drive it. But Hubspot also allows a different type of access to the same data, using their API. This allows any separate system to connect (there is rigourous authentication involved) to the data and read it and update it. It's entirely possible, though not sensible, to create a whole new CRM system with a totally new look which stores no data at all - because it stores it all in Hubspot in the background. There are limits and authentication (as I mentioned) but essentially as long as you connect in the right way and speak the right language to the API then you can instantly retrieve all the data you want. This is marvellous, because if I can find a way to connect to this data and get it into another system which is tackling Key Account Management I have solved my problem!

Sooooooo .... is there a way to access the API from an opensource content management project? Well, as you might have guessed the answer is no, not directly, not from a popular well supported opensource project (which includes popular Blogging platforms Wordpress, Joomla etc) that had any meaningful access the to the Hubspot data. There were plenty of simple form integrations which, in effect, send data into Hubspot - but bringing data the other way and doing things with it ... nothing! Well that's not quite true. There are some data charting Apps, and data Reporting Apps, but these aren't what I am looking for.

I needed to think again. And I did.


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