Sometimes you only have ONE SHOT at convincing your audience.

When the next few minutes are more important that the last few months. When your presentation can make lots of things go right. But... it can go wrong too. Wrong enough to cut your project or cut short your campaign.

That's the moment. The time when you have to be fully present, prepared and persuausive. When doing the same as usual isn't going to be enough. When you need to be on top of your game, and when your presentation must be the BEST it can be.

You know when you could use some expert help...

  •    You must convince the Board or other VIP's
  •    It's the final pitch for a big sale
  •    Your project is on the line
  •    Time is short and you don't feel prepared
  •    You won't have enough time to explain it all
  •    It's a Technical subject, they won't get it
  •    I have to get them to make the decision
  •    They don't listen, maybe they don't care
  •    Your chance to shine, and gain a promotion
  •    English isn't their 1st language, help!

Smart Presentations

When its vital that you get your message getting across. When the chips are down and your presentation has to hit the spot. That's when we should speak about your Smart Presentation. We'll listen, discuss your audience and your pitch and help to make sure that you come away smiling. Whether its help with your words or visuals or approach, or you just want to practice in front of a professional. This a confidential service, delivered person to person using Skype, at a time to suit you.


We'll need to talk about your audience and the venue, and then your objectives, so that we establish a clear understanding of exactly what you want to acheive in your presentation. We'll discuss the obstacles in your way and how to remove them, the ideas you must convey and the opionions you must alter to acheive your goals.


We'll discuss your presentation content, and its structure, with you. If you haven't created much content, or you're struggling to findthe rightstructure we'll start with your ideas and source materials. We'll discuss your approach, structure, pace and timing and that all inportant call to action. Together we'll decide what is essential and what can be taken out to acheive your desired result.


Words are at the heart of a presentation. But they need to be the right words. Words that will convince your audience. Words without jargon. Words which fascinate and intrigue. Words which won't allow them to be bored. If you are stuck for words or inspiration we'll create them with you.


We've all experienced the 'picture superiority phenomenon' where images are more likely to be remembered than words. That's why winning Presentations need great Visuals. But visuals aren't always graphics on your slides. It could be a prop you're carrying, a demonstration, or maybe just You. When you need inspiration we'll help you to create compelling visuals - and cut out any clutter too.


Smart Presentations is a consultancy service for busy executives who're planning an important presentation. We know that your time is precious, and so we are flexible. Our consultancy is delivered over Skype, at a time to suit you. And Smart Presentations consultancy is delivered on a hourly basis, so that you only pay for the help you need. We know that your presentation is important and confidential, and so our service is personal and private.

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Starting at just £90 per hour

Smart Presentations is one-to-one consultancy, delivered via Skype, at a time to suit you. In one hour you'll start to discover how you make your next presentation the best ever. We'll help you with your approach, words and graphics - and also with practical advice to help you prepare yourself to be your best. Smart Presentations consulatncy starts at just £90 per hour, and you can book your first hour, here, on your credit card. 

Hi I'm Martin


Martin Finn

Founder & CEO

In my long career in Sales and Marketing I've delivered hundreds of presentations; everywhere from the shop-floor to the Board room, from small offices to vast conference halls. Over the years I have have polished my craft, I've attended expensive courses, I've worked hard and I have succeeded. I can easily recall that magical feeling of knowing I moved the dial and changed the course of the future to a direction I was plotting. And yet, despite my training and my successes I can still recall my failures too. Moments when my mouth went dry and my mind blank. Or, worse still, those times when I thought I was hitting the ball out of the park only to discover that I'd left my audience behind and was only talking to myself. I learned as much from these failures as I did from the training courses. And I hate to see my mistakes repeated by others.

Standing and presenting isn't that hard. But being great at presentations is a valuable skill and its hard won. Despite appearances, great presenters are not born, they are the product of years of practice. But, I hear you asking, "If that's so what can I gain from a few hours one to one consultancy?"

That's a good question, and its true a few hours inspiration and advice can't replace years of practice. But even the best presenters will fail if their content or preparation is poor. Every presenter will perform better if they are fully prepared, with a message thats clear and a 'call to action' that's compelling. So our objective, our service, is designed to ensure that you are fully prepared and have a great presentation to deliver.

Our Clients tell us that our Smart Presentations one to one consultancy works because we help in real time with real presentations that they are working upon. It's a flexible service that can be used as and when they need us. And they always know we can pull out the stops to help them if they are running out of time. Call us today, you'll see what they mean.

Our Happy Clients

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Smart Presentations one-to-one consultancy is delivered via a Skype call, at a time to suit you, from just £90 per hour.  It could take just one hour to discover how to make your next presentation the best ever. Smart Presentations consultancy is delivered on a hourly basis, you only pay for the help you need and you can charge it to your credit card.
We know that your presentation is important and confidential, and so our service is personal and private.

How many sessions?


We want delighted clients. And we want to develop a long term relationship of trust. And so we offer a very simple, straight forward guarantee. At the end of your hour's consultancy we ask you if you are happy, if its been valuable to you. If you aren't we simply refund your fee. This is the same guarantee we've offered for over 15 years, and so you can buy with absolute confidence.


Are you worried that this is a scam. Does it sound to good to be true?

Well we know this is a great offer and amazing value, so we can understand you having reservations. Maybe you're concerned that we can't help you with your particlar presentation. Or you may be worried about confidentiality and want to discuss a non-disclosure agreement (don't worry lots of people have these we're happy to sign them). We've been delivering this service for more than 10 years and we're happy to talk about how we can help you. So, whatever your concern lets have a brief pre-meeting on Skype and talk it through. When you're happy you can then engage us to help you.

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